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I graduated a while ago. I use Linux a lot. Ask me about Dundee MakerSpace if you want to mess with hardware. Find me on Twitter or Slack @gorzilla



Where What Title
BSides London Rookie Track Upside-downternet (MitM attacks)
Hacksoc Talk Upside-downternet (MitM attacks)
Hacksoc Talk Linux for Noobs
Hacksoc Flash Talk Packets in Packets
TayLUG/Hacksoc Talk Shellshock (Bash vuln)
TayLUG/Hacksoc Talk Leaks and Onions (anonymity)
TayLUG Talk Hardware hacking for software people
TayLUG Talk Sysdig (system call tracing)
TayLUG Talk Rootkit Basics
Securi-Tay V Lightning Talk Qubes for Noobs
BSides Ljubljana Lightning Talk Qubes for Noobs

Some more I've forgotten. I'll try and dig out the slides.

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