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Next (18/19) Committee

President: James
Vice-President: Britney
Treasurer: Sarah
Secretary: Ross

Current Committee

President: Kyle
Vice-President: Mikey
Treasurer: Declan
Secretary: Harley

Previous Committees


President: William Goard
Vice-President: Niall Watson
Treasurer: Martyn Roan
Secretary: Harley Watson


President: Jamie Smith
Vice-President: William Goard
Treasurer: George Theobald
Secretary: Iain Smart


President: Dominic Cashley
Vice-President: Oren Benshabat
Treasurer: George Theobald
Secretary: Iain Smart


President: Gill Chalmers
Vice-President: Gavin Holt
Treasurer: Duncan Atkin
Secretary: Iain Smart

Committee Elections

Committee Meetings

Member Attendance

Contact htw at, who will provide location/time details and notify the SA if appropriate.

Past Meeting Minutes

No pages in this namespace.

Minutes for previous years are also available: 2016-2017

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